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A Family Run Business Established 1998

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Paving, Patios & Driveways

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Brickweave Paving

Brickweave block paving looks great and can provide many years of hard-wearing service for paths, patios and driveways.

The moulded concrete blocks used in block paving are laid on either a sand bed and the joints filled with a fine silica sand ('flexible paving') or on a concrete or mortar bed with mortar joints (‘rigid paving’). The enormous variety of block shape, size, colour and texture used in block paving opens up a myriad of design possibilities. Basically, if you can think of it then it most likely can be constructed from block paving. In addition, you can enhance your block paving further using a variety of practical and decorative edging stones to finish the design off.

Should the block paving become damaged or stained, or if any underground maintenance needs to be carried out, it is a simple process to take up the block paving and relay it.


Although simple shingle seems an easy cheap answer to your drive/pathway problems if it isn't laid correctly the shingle will move and you may end up with an uneven surface. We have been using shingle successfully on drives for years and this experience means we can give you great advice in the type of shingle to be used and if shingle is the correct choice for you. Ideal for transforming driveways, paths, patios and car parks, the result is a beautiful stone surface, which will completely transform the aesthetics of the treated hard standing and provide many features and benefits to the homeowner; including increased property valuations and envious neighbours.


Your patio can be a variety of different paving combinations, so it does not have to be a boring area of square slabs. There are so many combinations to choose from such as "Antique" blocks with random sized Indian stone paving slabs; or perhaps textured paving and decorative stone. You can have curves, colour and creativity. The permutations are endless and you will have great pleasure in choosing the style that suits and is unique to you.

Your patio area is your outdoor living space, for the family and friends to relax and enjoy. Professionally laid patios and paths are an extension to your home that provide a place to display plants, dine and relax with family and friends.

Patios have become an established part of most people’s home, and a way to add style and functionality to any back garden. There are a large variety of patios to choose from – rustic patios made from brick and modern patios made from tiles, for example. Ideally, the patio should look like a natural extension of the house, made with materials that complement those used in the property itself. Depending on the specific priorities of your patio and the style of your home, we can create traditional and innovative patios to suit your requirements and budget.

Concrete Driveways

Ranging from traditional to modern decorative effects, concrete driveways combine durability with style to provide a hard-wearing and attractive approach to any home.

Concrete is a mixture of portland cement, aggregates (crushed stone, sand, shale, etc.) and water. When mixed to the right strength and laid on a suitable base this long-established technique will create heavy-duty, weed-free, maintenance-free concrete driveways that will last and last.

Not surprisingly, because of their appearance, durability and ease of care, concrete driveways are the first choice of driveway for many people. Although plain grey concrete is still the most common choice, more people are discovering the wide-ranging possibilities of decorative concrete driveways, and they have become a key design feature for properties of all styles and sizes.

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